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“This Won't Hurt A Bit!” is a bizarre and different comedy in a docu-dramatic style, set in Hong Kong, England and Australia, and deals with an Australian dentist who overservices the British public and then goes on the run from Interpol. While the police bale Gordon Fairweather up in a bar in Hong Kong awaiting the arrival of this accomplice, a series of interviews with people from Gordon's past and dramatic reconstruction of events gradually reveal the inner fire that drives the man on. And reveal the flame that burns in Gordon's heard for a Portsmouth dental nurse with a speech impedient – the first and only woman in his life.

Could an Englishman entrust his molars to this man?

A man with a light in his eyes and an axe to grind. Gordon Fairwather. An Australian dentist on a mission, practising above the Jewel of India restaurant in the Portsmouth High Street.

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